Reunion Day is Switched

During the 2022 reunion all in attendance voted on whether to switch the reunion to the last Saturday in July or to keep it as the last Sunday in July. The overwhelming majority of the vote was to move the reunion to the last Saturday in July. The board and officers hope that switching the reunion to the last Saturday in July helps you and more family members to be able to attend. Please plan on attending the 2023 Watts Reunion on Saturday, July 29, 2023. We look forward to gathering together again.

The Reunion This Sunday

The reunion is this Sunday (July 31st). In addition to the voting for Directors and Officers happening at the business meeting this year there is an important topic to be voted on. The business meeting starts at 10:30 am. We look forward to seeing you there.

We need your help

We (the Board of Directors and the Officers) always want to have people attend the reunion, but it is really important that people attend the reunion this year. With the passing of Brenda Watts (President of the Reunion) this brings about a vacancy in the officers. We need you and others to come for the business meeting at 10:30 am on Sunday, July 31st. Please help us out and spread the word about the 2022 Watts Reunion. We look forward to seeing you there.

2021 Reunion is happening!

I have posted on Facebook, but have not posted info on here yet. The 2021 reunion is happening this year. Please come to the reunion on July 25th. Please also spread the word and invite your family and friends. Check out our page about the reunion here.

2020 Reunion is Cancelled

NOTICE: Due to the pandemic that is going on in our country, we have decided we will have to cancel the Watts Reunion for 2020. It certainly not what we wanted to do, but Natural Bridge said their shelter is not conducive to social distancing. It is too small and they are closed and have no idea when they will get to open. So our prayer is to gather again next year 2021 on the last Sunday in July, if the Lord doesnt come get us. if not let’s all meet in Heaven ..May God Bless each of you, stay in stay safe. Paul and I love you all.

Message from Brenda Watts

July 31, 2018 Post

The 2018 Reunion has come and gone. We had over 80 people attend the reunion this year. Do you know of any family members who did not attend this year? Please contact them and remind them about the reunion next year. The reunion is held on the last Sunday in July each year. If the family will be coming in from out of town and they need a local place to stay have them check out our Where to Stay page.